Sunday, March 11, 2012

Culinary Tip for Fresh Onions & Peppers

So yesterday I discovered a new produce place in our area.  I could not believe the prices so I got onions and peppers along with a lot of other fresh vegetables.  So you can guess we had an indoor picnic last night, lol.  Yes, I pulled out a pack of the hot dogs and it was great.  Okay back to the Culinary tip if you buy alot of peppers or onions and can't use them at one time here is a way to store them.  Think of how you use them, now what I do is clean the peppers and onions.  Then I take them and cut them in strips and put them in separate sandwich bags and then put them in a freezer bag and freeze them. I do the same thing for onions and this works out well.  They will get soft being frozen and are fine for cooking them.  If your having sausage and peppers & onions.  Just brown your sausage and put it in a pan, and top with the amount of onions and peppers you need.  I use them for fajitas, sausage & peppers, soup wherever you need onions and/or peppers your going to cook.  Its a great way to have peppers and/or onions ready for cooking.  I cut them in strips because I find it an easy size to use.  You can dice them or use them as is. 
***Note Freeze the onions & peppers separately and no need to blanch cook them.

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