Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Internet Coupons vs Coupon Inserts

Internet Coupons vs Sunday Coupon Inserts which do you think are better?

Here is what I found works for me in my area.  I would be curious to see how different the coupon inserts are in other areas.

Internet Coupons:
Here's one example Wonka candy coupons on line is $1.00 off 2 if I put my zip in at but the newspaper coupon says I need to buy 3 to get $1.00 off.  That seams to happen alot with Pillsbury, Chex Mex coupons to name a few.  Now internet coupons do take a bit of work because you need to look for them, check all your favorite blogs, check sites that have data bases like A Cup Full and sometimes manufacturers. Did you know by putting your zip in also shows what coupons are available in your area?  Here are some links to check for coupons that as I find new ones I pass them on to you.  But here is a list of some to bookmark:,,, to name a few. 

Coupon Inserts from the Sunday Paper
Now its been my finding that there are coupons there that you can't find on-line.  You can also get a lot more copies of a single coupon then you are able to print out on-line unless you have couponing friends.  If the inserts are good that week we go to our Dollar Tree and get multiple newspapers at $1.00 each. 

Now having that info in mind I think they are both wins.  I trade coupons from the inserts with friends, someday I may broaden that to whoever would like to participate.  If interested email me.  They say different areas get different coupons.  I've printed the internet coupons that I don't use and shared them with couponing friends.  What is your take on internet coupons vs coupon inserts? 

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