Saturday, January 2, 2016

Helpful Items for You & Ecofriendly For Shopping #SAHM & #SAHD or anyone that uses Coupons & goes Shopping

Whether you are in the grocery store or in the department store, we have designed and created our own Shopping Cart Handle Covers Called - Handy Cart Covers.  They protect your hands from the soot and whatever else may be on the cart.  They are available with or without the coupon pocket.  This is a Handmade by Beverly original cover.  They come in a variety of prints and custom orders are always welcome.  We make them in Children, Men and Women prints and if we don't have one in the print you like we will find a print that does.  They fit both the small and large carts and have a handy pocket on the front to hold a pen, store list or whatever you'd like.  Just email me if interested couponbags (at) or you can see more on our Facebook Page  or in our Etsy shop you can message us there to.  Have a look and let me know what prints you'd like to have.

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