Couponing Organizing

What is a Coupon Organizer? Also known as a Coupon Holder

A coupon organizer is an bag or container like a binder that lets you seperate and organize your coupons. The one to the left is an example of a fabric strapless organizer that has seperators in it for you to organize all your coupons. Using a coupon organizer can help you keep the coupons all together and in order. By keeping things organized they save time and the hassle of finding them. It will allow you to save money when shopping and time to make your shopping time faster. 

Why Use a Coupon Organizer?

They are helpful and keep everything organized

Coupon Organizers come in many sizes, styles and colors. Find the size and color that best suits your needs. You may be a huge couponer that needs a binder,or maybe you only need one the size that will fit in your bag. Once you determine size, start with clipping your coupons and create tabs for all the sections you want. There is no specific way of doing it but here are a few examples. Create your tabs in ABC order then label them by products, another way is ABC order and then by the aisles in the store or however it is easiest for you to use. Your organizer can be set up anyway you want. Whatever will organize yourself, to save time and money later.  I made my organizer and use it everyday and I am really glad I have it. It saves me a lot of time when it comes to grocery shopping

These are just some of my ideas on organizing, how do you organize yours?  What is your system for organizing coupons?

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