Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another New Culinary Tip for Storing Bulk Foods

So last week I caught a sale at our local wholesale store and bought Corn Dogs and Hot Dogs.  Now, I like to have hot dogs, hamburgers and other items on hand once the temperatures start warming up.  I am big on quick grill meals and will share more as the season changes but back to the hot dogs.  So I have a 5 lb pack of hot dogs and what I do is put them in bags and seal them.  Now I have multiple meals ready for when I want throw together a quick meal.  I store frozen items in basically two ways

 1. The first way is:  I ask myself how long do I plan on having it in the freezer?  For instance, hot dogs, roasts, corn dogs, pork, are a few examples that I use over time.  So those items I seal with my sealer see the pics of the hot dogs.  I pack them in packages that I can just pull out for a meal

2. Now for other items like plain chicken, ground beef, for example that aren't in the freezer long I use this second method: I put them in individual baggies and then in a larger freezer bag to keep them from getting freezer burnt.  I use this second method for flour, brown sugar that I spoke of in my first set of Culinary Tips.  Sometimes when you put items in the freezer that are going to stay in there for a while but really can't be sealed just put them in a Freezer Tight bag so it doesn't pick up the taste or smell of your freezer.  It makes an outer layer of protection for your food. Nothing is worse then saving money on an item only to have it freezer burnt. 

This is just another way to put your savings to work.  What methods do you use? 


  1. Awesome tips… Bev you have a great blog. Lots of information and COUPONS! Love it! Thanks