Friday, August 19, 2011

Our First Etsy Feature Beach Sea Crafts

Our Etsy Artist Feature – Beach SeaCrafts are made in South Carolina with natures treasures from the Carolina shores.  With a wonderful gift to paint and natures treasures Beaches creates lovely pieces to sell in her shop.  I interviewed Beach so we could learn a little more about her and how she came to Etsy:

Country:  Welcome Beach, How long have you had been painting and creating treasures?  
Beaches:  Ever since I can remember, over 40 years.  I can remember drawing everything as a child and always creating something.    I once , hand gathered grapevine from the woods near my home and made 100 wreaths to sell to a local craft shop when I was young. The owner bought every one of them.  So my business spirit was evolving at an early age.  I used to tole paint and later developed my own style.   Some what  animated in nature, I give my paintings and drawings a retro look and feel I think.   I come from a long line of very creative and talented people.  My mother is an accomplished seamstress (from pillowcase dresses to wedding gowns); my sister is an interior designer, my brother – a cabinet designer and carpenter. I remember my mother making crafts and sewing most of our cloths and working part time outside the home in a craft store.  She always had something new to teach us.  From cross stitch to painting.  The drawing and painting was my niche.  Thanks Mom!
Country:  What made you decide to join Etsy and how long have you had your shop open?
Beaches: After making so many shark tooth necklaces and shells for family and friends, my entrepreneurial spirit was surfacing. I started by contacting a beach shop owner and asking for a possible consignment for my shark tooth necklaces in his shop.  After sending a few emails, the owner contacted me with an order.  Persistence paid off, I thought.  Never give up your dreams.  I thought he might want to order 20 or so necklaces; he ordered 400.  A Beach shop located on Sea Island Parkway right beside Hunting Island where it all began. With a deadline of two months, I immediately started counting shark teeth and started an assembly line on the dining room table.  A business was born.  A lot of late nights, but deadline was met and I hand delivered!  I now have turned the spare bedroom into a studio and office.  Who knew?  I chose Etsy as my venue to grow my business and to be with other artists for inspiration.  I have been in business now for 1 year and look forward to the future

Country: What creations can we be looking forward to in the future? 
Beaches: Anything coastal and possibly some original drawings.  I still love to draw in spare time and love drawing my cartoons.  Depending on the treasures found, inspiration will strike.  Surprises may be instored, who knows.

Country: Is there anything about your shop or yourself you’d like to share with our readers?

Beaches: I’m married to a wonderful man for nearly 33 years.  I live in SC in  a small southern town in the upstate that is dear to me.  I moved here 20 years ago to be closer to family and opportunities for my children. I fell in love with the area and wow; so close to the beaches.   I like to fish, go crabbing, beachcombing  and find shark teeth and fossils.  I create art in many forms; like drawing, making shark tooth jewelry and hand painting sea shells. I camp and have fun exploring.  I love being organized. 
·         I love to walk barefoot on the sand and surf and watch nature at its very best.  Beachcombing is so relaxing to me. There is such a peace in my heart when I am on the beach. You couldn’t be closer to God and see his finest creations and awe.  No other feeling like it in the whole world.
·         Drawing in pencil and animation is another love of mine.  I find that it’s amazing what you can draw on paper with just a pencil.  I use q-tips and my fingers for shading. Sometimes things just flow right onto the paper. Drawing cartoons and creating some of my own fun characters is great fun!  Some day I hope to submit an original to Nick or Disney!
·         I love classic rock and music.

·         Relaxing on Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee and skyping with the grandchildren on the coast.

·         Favorite book: Angels in Our Midst, by Billy Graham.

·         Favorite movies:  Forrest Gump – with Tom Hanks. I know I have watched over a 100 times.  Go ahead ask me any trivia from Forrest.  Parts of this film were actually filmed on Hunting Island lagoon and Beaufort where I gather my shells. 

AND  City of Angels – with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. 
·         Favorite peoples work:  Walt Disney! He was such a talented man.
I also want to thank every one of my customers from the bottom of my heart for their continued support.  I plan to continue to create and make coastal works of art and hope you enjoy them. 
I’d like to thank you for being our first feature and come check out BeachSeaCrafts on Etsy.  You’ll find her in her shop and BNR’s so go check her shop out and enjoy your trip to the Beach =) 

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