Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do you Shop at Weiss Markets?


We had one just open up today, and talk about go getters!  People they say were lined up at 4:00am, I don't know about you but I save that for black friday sales, lol.  The reason people were there was because they gave out 250 bags (in a weiss market bag) of free groceries!  They had delivered bags like that to people living close to the market weeks before.  How nice is was =) Also there were plenty of managers there, people even helping to load your car!  Well if you do shop there here's the link and if you sign-up for their newsletter you will receive $5.00 off $50.00.  I love those kinds of coupons!  Well, I was very impressed and told them, not that my opinion means much but I feel you hear enough bad why not share good thoughts and appreciation when it is well deserved! 
Have a wonderful Sunday and I'll keep on the couponpickings!

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