Friday, April 22, 2011

Where to Start.......

Couponing 101

How to start saving money!

1. First make an email account that you just want to use for coupons.  By doing this you won't bog down your home or business email.  Having an email dedicated for coupons will keep you up to date on coupons and they are then brought right to you.  

2. Clip coupons from the Sunday Papers, Check on-line at, and  Go to manufacturer's websites, some offer coupons if you sign-up for their feeds and Daily articles IE  There are many other places to get coupons from and I
will post others as they come up. 

3. Organize those clipped savings.  I use a coupon organizer bag with straps.  That is what works best for me.  Each of the tabs I customize to ABC order, then I take it one step further with separate tabs for products that I have more coupons then others IE Pillsbury is one then to put them all in the dairy section because in the store that is where they are located.  I also make several tabs that coordinates with my main store.  Not all stores are set up the same and I like things organized more so I don't have to go through a bunch of beauty items when I really want toothbrushes.  It saves time later.

Now your are ready to start organizing those coupons!

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  1. I love couponing and saving money too! My mom also has a money-saving website ( so I frequent her site and as many others as I can find to find deals all the time. I NEVER pay retail :)
    Thanks for the "follow", I'm following you too.
    -Kayla B